Book Café Opened in Imperator Shopping Mall

17 August 2017      20:05
Кристина Хорольская

Representatives of the Regional Children and Youth Library organized a promotion campaign in Imperator Shopping Mall dedicated to the International Youth Day.
The best-sellers for young people were presented in the menu of the Book Café located in the hall of the Mall.

“The World celebrated Youth Day on August 12,” says Lubov Lazareva, the librarian. “What can a library offer? Books, of course. And not just any books, but famous best-sellers about and for the youth. You can familiarize yourself with the books that we have in a biblio-café set up in Imperator Mall today.

Aside from the display and presentation of the books (the library owns around 500 best-sellers), the guests were offered a quiz and the “Book Man” photo-installation. Also, various book-trailers were being broadcasted on the LED-screens of the Mall during the day.

Turns out the librarians chose Imperator Shopping Mall for a specific reason.

“Large shopping malls of Saint Petersburg have offices of libraries,” says Lubov Lazareva. “People come for shopping and return books and take new ones in the same place. Imperator Mall has everything set up for the visitors, and we also plan to organize here a books exchange point of some kind. We want people to read them in a café on the first floor, for example, or just on the bench.” Representatives of the Children and Youth Library point out that their facility has books for any age and taste.

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Представители детско-юношеской библиотеки отмечают, что в фондах храма книги можно найти литературу на любой возраст и вкус.


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