Oreol Primary Party Organization Donated 15 Million Tenge in 2016

26 December 2016      19:39

This year, Oreol Primary Party Organization of Ust-Kamenogorsk branch of the Nur Otan Party participated in five social projects: “Taking Care of Older Generation”, “Happy Childhood”, “Future without Barriers”, “Youth of the Country” and “Ticket to Life”. The amount of donation to retired people, disabled people, orphans, and children from low-income families exceeded 15 million Tenge. Through their actions, the Party members prove that a primary organization is a basis of many endeavors and that there are no such things as unimportant matters and another’s misfortune. Today, 125 people are the members of the Primary Party Organization, and 28 active residents of the city will join it in the near future. 

“Every year, on October 1, we give groceries to the senior residents of the electoral district no. 21,” said the Vice-Chairperson of the PPO, Svetlana Vasilyeva. “On Victory Day, we personally congratulate veterans and workers of the home front. On Children’s Day, we organized a little celebration on the premises of Imperator Shopping Mall for little residents of the city and their parents. On the eve of the Day of Knowledge (September 1), the boys and girls from low-income families and large families received backpacks with stationary supplies.

Besides, Oreol PPO is an old friend of the Educational Center for the Children with Developmental Disabilities. The Organization sets up celebrations for the children; they gave them shoes for summer time and delivered sand for the playgrounds. Aside from that, the members of the party funded “Modnyashki i Stilyashki” contest with special needs girls participating.

They did not neglect the children deprived of parents’ care and take care of them through the Nur Otan Party. For instance, they opened a savings account in Zhilstroysberbank for an orphan so that she could buy herself a place in a few years. As part of the “Meyirim” charity campaign, the foster child of the Youth Foster Home was presented with the keys to a one-bedroom apartment. Another foster child received help with the refurbishment of a recently bought place. 

Helping the society in solving social problems had become the motto of Oreol PPO! They sponsored the IV “Zhas Ulan” military-sports games and funded the establishment of the Skate Park. They also purchased clothes for training for “Torpedo 2003” hockey team’s young players from low-income families. The PPO keeps supporting schools no. 8 and 15, which are under their patronage.

It should be reminded that Oreol PPO won the first prize in the “Best Primary Party Organization” contest of the city and region in their nomination. The secret of their success and trust that is placed on them is simple: The Party members do not wait for people to contact them for help. They come forward and help those who need the support. One does not have to be a member of a Party to do good deeds. Helping the weak and those in need is a duty of each citizen of the country!


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