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«SVK» group of companies

The company  occupies leading positions in the market of renting commercial premises in Ust-Kamenogorsk, as well as in media and trade in East Kazakhstan.

«SVK» group of companies is one of the largest companies in Eastern Kazakhstan, formed in 2016 on the basis of «NKG» LLP, which is the oldest company in the structure established in 1994.

«SVK» consist of: «NKG» LLP(«Shopping center «Emperor», shopping center «Alshemali», warehouses); «Oreol Ltd» LLP( «Buro 28», «BOSS», «KIMEX», «OTTO» boutiques);  «Newspaper editoring «Ustinka plus» LLP(weekly newspaper «Ustinka plus» and «Aldaspan», news portal «Ustinka Live»).

«SVK» is steadily increasing its turnover and expanding its horizons in the field of trade and the media, and also actively involved in new investment projects.

Professional, highly qualified personnel motivated for effective work is one of the most valuable assets of «SVK»  and also is a pledge of its future development. «SVK» provides its employees with equal opportunities for constant improvement of their abilities and skills. Decent salary of employees is the basis of the personnel management system of the group of companies.
«NKG» LLP («Shopping center «Imperator», shopping center «Alshemali», warehouses); «Oreol Ltd» LLP ( «Buro 28», «BOSS», «KIMEX», «OTTO» boutiques);  «Newspaper editoring «Ustinka plus» LLP (weekly newspaper «Ustinka plus» and «Aldaspan», news portal «Ustinka Live»).
During the period from 2016 to 2017, the «SVK» group of companies received a large number of awards, letters and certificates of appreciation.


Shoping center Imperator
Shoping center Imperator

Shopping center «Imperator»

Shopping center «Imperator» is located in the heart of Ust-Kamenogorsk at the intersection of Auezov and Pobeda avenues.

«Imperator» is more than 90 shops, 6 places to eat, 6 beauty and massage salons. There are 4 entrances for visitors and parking space for 90 cars. There is parking for bicycles in summertime.

«Imperator» is the great place for the best shopping and spending a good time in the city.

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Shoping center Alshemali
Shoping center Alshemali

Shopping center «Alshemali»

Shopping center «Alshemali» consists of 3 floors of stores for your house's comfort and repair, 1 technology store, 5 floores of office spaces with separated entrances.
Behind the shopping center is a Chinese clothing market with an area of 0.7 hectares.
There is a comfortable parking on the both sides of shopping center.

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Shop HUGO BOSS | SC Imperator
Shop HUGO BOSS | SC Imperator


«SVK» group of companies cooperates with the brand «Hugo Boss» for more that 15 years. The men's collection offers a modern, sophisticated business style, elegant clothes for special occasions, along with a trendy casual line and excellent sportswear. The boutique of men's clothing and accessories is presented in the shopping center "Imperator" on the 2nd floor.
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Shop Kimex
Shop Kimex


Clothing and footwear store for the whole family «KIMEX» is the main store of «KIMEX»-chain in Kazakhstan. Only in «KIMEX» Ust-Kamenogorsk there are more than 10 brands of european women's clothing. Here you can find clothes, shoes and accessories for every taste and age.
«KIMEX» style is the european quality of goods, high level of service, professionalism, reliability, a constant desire to expand the field of activity, improve and upgrade to a new quality level.
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Shop Buro 28
Shop Buro 28


Multi-brand men's clothing boutique «BÜRO 28» is a new project of «SVK» group of companies. In the boutique will be presented all the necessary assortment of clothes for successful men from underwear and home clothes to an exquisite costume group. «BÜRO 28»'s client is a modern, energetic and purposeful man who appreciates tradition and innovation, comfort and style and prefers an active lifestyle. Boutique's openning is planned on September 2017.
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Ustinka Plus
Ustinka Plus

Media group «Ustinka»

Media group Ustinka is a periodical edition «Ustinka Plus», the information portal Ustinka Live and a newspaper in Kazakh «Aldaspan».
The newspapers «Ustinka plus» and «Aldaspan» are published weekly on Thursdays. These publications can be purchased at almost any  point of sale in the city.
Fresh news are available 24 hours on the website.

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