Delegation of Oreol Primary Party Organization Congratulated Senior Citizens on the Day for the Elderly

03 October 2016      11:39

It always feels good to give presents. It feels even better to please those who really need warmth, caring, and understanding. On the eve of the Day for the Elderly, when the leaves are whispering beneath the feet and the air is filled with cool breathing of autumn, a nice surprise was waiting for 80 senior citizens that live in the electoral district no. 21. 
Senior men and women received words of appreciations and baskets full of groceries on behalf of Sergey Korotin, the deputy of the city Maslikhat.

“It became a good tradition to congratulate senior citizens that live in the area under our patronage,” said Galina Andreyeva, the Assistant of Mr. Korotin. “Naturally, the priority was given to the veterans and disabled veterans of the Great Patriotic War. We also congratulated poor seniors and those who live alone.”

Many people admitted that they were expecting the guests, but still could not hold grateful tears. And the moment the visitors started talking to them and asking about their lives, they would bloom instantly: Their eyes would become brighter with memories and smiles would touch their faces. 

“Thank you so much for not forgetting about us, old people,” shares one of the people of the day. “Do older people need much? I will invite my neighbor today and serve her tea and sweets you brought.


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